The Name Carl Sacher Baden

In 1827, the "Bräuhaus Rauhenstein" - "brewery rough stone" was established, which developed into a popular coffee house at the time. Around 1880, it was replaced by the Sacher family. The "Sachers Etablissement Helenental" was born. Franz Sacher's summer residence, an extension to the "Sachers Etablissement", was a small Biedermeier castle in the romantic Helenental valley, which was intended for his third son Carl (1849-1929).

He expanded the property and founded the Hotel Sacher in Baden in 1881. Franz Sacher also spent the rest of his life there. Carl Sacher later handed the hotel over to his son Carletto (1876-1960), who ran it with his wife Carla Sacher (1889-1989). Closed during the occupation after the Second World War, the hotel was reopened in 1956 by them and their children Carl Ferdinand (1912-1991) and Marina. Carla Sacher reached the proud age of one hundred and celebrated her birthday in a festive setting at the Sachers' original hotel in Baden. Marina's daughter, Irène Sacher, was committed to the Hotel Sacher in Baden from an early age.

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Modern History

Our Story

The Hotel Sacher Baden was built in 1881 in the style of a hunting lodge. In 1998, two architecturally modern glass side wings were added. In August 2011, the Hotel Sacher Baden underwent a complete renovation and modernization.

At the Hotel Sacher Baden, where tradition and modernity harmonize effectively, guests are pampered with contemporary comfort, the highest quality and warm hospitality. A long tradition of hospitality and well-being. From the very beginning, we have been committed to quality and comfort and welcome our guests from all over the world to our unique atmosphere.

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